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L'homme n'est rien, l'oeuvre est tout.

Welcome to the site, Search Virginia Woolf.
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This site provides you with the data for the study of Virginia Woolf, and shows syllabi and study guides to the students at our university. Try various search engines at this site.
The site may impress you as endowed with a feminist slant, but it is because the site aimes at being without sexual, racial or political bias, which namely is our own normal bias.

    Search a database: Criticisms on Conrad, Joyce, and Woolf
    This is the largest and greatest database of the world for the study of Virginia Woolf, and shows you the appropriate resources for the study of each of her works.

    Search a database: Works by Conrad, Joyce, and Woolf
    This shows you publication data of each of their works, focussing on Virginia Woolf. It reveals the historical development of the publishing of her works.

    Search texts: Works by Woolf
    You can retrieve the page numbers and the texts that include your input, in various editions of her works. Your input will be searched for in each paragraph of her work.

    Chronologies for Conrad, Joyce, and Woolf

    Search a database: British Novels (Narrative)
    This is a database of British novelists and their works, and will give you the titles of their works and their literary connection, and leads you to various resources on the world wide web.

    Classes: Lectures, Seminors
    This is mainly for the students at our university, but you can retrieve various data for yourself, or try several tests for the English grammar. Most pages include Japanese.

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